Plume Usa

  • Anglais Sula

    Toni Morrison

    The intense friendship shared by two African American women raised in an Ohio town changes when one of them leaves to roam the countryside and returns ten years later.

  • Macon Dead, Jr., called Milkman, son of the richest Negro in town, moves from childhood into early manhood, searching, among the disparate, mysterious members of his family, for his life and reality


    Tracy Chevalier

    Forced to leave England and struggling with illness, Quaker Honor Bright is forced to rely on strangers in the harsh landscape of 1850 Ohio and is compelled to join the Underground Railroad network to help runaway slaves escape to freedom.

  • A stunning novel of female friendship, forbidden love and evolution from the bestselling author of Girl with a Pearl Earring.In the early nineteenth century, a windswept beach along the English coast brims with fossils for those with the eye...From the moment she's struck by lightning as a baby, it is clear Mary Anning is different. Her discovery of strange fossilized creatures in the cliffs of Lyme Regis sets the world alight. But Mary must face powerful prejudice from a male scientific establishment, not to mention vicious gossip and the heartbreak of forbidden love.Then - in prickly, clever Elizabeth Philpot, a fossil-obsessed middle-class spinster - she finds a champion, and a rival. Despite their differences in class and age, Mary and Elizabeth's loyalty and passion for the truth must win out.Remarkable Creatures is a stunning novel of how one woman's gift transcends class and gender to lead to some of the most important discoveries of the nineteenth century. Above all, it is a revealing portrait of the intricate and resilient nature of female friendship.

  • Anglais The Magicians

    Lev Grossman

    In a secret world of forbidden knowledge, power comes at a terrible price ...

    Quentin Coldwater's life is changed forever by an apparently chance encounter: when he turns up for his entrance interview to Princeton he finds his interviewer dead - but a strange envelope bearing Quentin's name leads him down a very different path to any he'd ever imagined.

    The envelope, and the mysterious manuscript it contains, leads to a secret world of obsession and privilege, a world of freedom and power and, for a while, it's a world that seems to answer all Quentin's desires. But the idyll cannot last - and when it's finally shattered, Quentin is drawn into something darker and far more dangerous than anything he could ever have expected ...


    Joyce Carol Oates

    A senator seduces young Kelly Kelleher at a Fourth of July picnic, and as they head for his hotel, his rented Toyota swerves off the unnamed road and into the black water. Reprint.

  • Contains a collection of cartoons depicting rabbits committing suicide in humorous ways.

  • "A hilarious parody of Goodnight Moon, sending up the culture of alpha-parenting run amok"--

  • Anglais Goodnight june

    Sarah Jio

    The best-selling author of Morning Glory imagines how the beloved children's classic, Goodnight Moon , came to be, resulting in a woman discovering letters between her great aunt and the author, Margaret Wise Brown. Original.

  • Anglais THE LOOK OF LOVE

    Sarah Jio

    "Jio has become one of the most-read women in America." -Woman's World. Born during a Christmas blizzard, Jane Williams receives a rare gift: the ability to see true love. Jane has emerged from an ailing childhood a lonely, hopeless romantic when, on her twenty-ninth birthday, a mysterious greeting card arrives from the midwife who delivered her, specifying that Jane must identify the six types of love before the full moon following her thirtieth birthday, or face grave consequences. When Jane falls for a science writer who doesn't believe in love, she fears that her fate is sealed. Inspired by the classic song, The Look of Love is utterly enchanting"--

  • Anglais Morning glory

    Sarah Jio

    Fleeing a personal tragedy to take up residence on Boat Street, Ada discovers a trunk left behind by the boathouse's previous resident, a young newlywed from half a century earlier whose mysterious fate converges with Ada's own. By the best-selling author of Blackberry Winter . Original. 100,000 first printing.

  • Anglais The last camellia

    Sarah Jio

    When garden designer Addison, along with her husband, take up residence at an old English manor, she stumbles upon a mystery, dating back to World War II, that involves the enchanting camellia orchard and an old gardener's notebook, which conceals a series of horrible crimes. Original.

  • Anglais The bungalow

    Sarah Jio

    "In the summer of 1942, twenty-one-year-old Anne Calloway, newly engaged, sets off to serve in the Army Nurse Corps on the Pacific island of Bora-Bora. More exhilarated by the adventure of a lifetime than she ever was by her predictable fianc, she is drawn to a mysterious soldier named Westry, and their friendship soon blossoms into hues as deep as the hibiscus flowers native to the island. Under the thatched roof of an abandoned beach bungalow, the two share a private world--until they witness a gruesome crime, Westry is suddenly redeployed, and the idyll vanishes into the winds of war. A timeless story of enduring passion, The Bungalow chronicles Anne's determination to discover the truth about the twin losses--of life, and of love--that have haunted her for seventy years"--

  • Upset over the prospects of losing his wife, Sarah, and new baby, to the demands of his new job and to her childhood sweetheart, wealthy lawyer Colin, Neil enrolls in an experimental "School for Husbands," a clinic designed to help hopeless spouses mend their ways. Original. 75,000 first printing.

  • Anglais SALAAM, PARIS

    Kavita Daswani

    Tanaya Shah longs for the wonderful world of Paris, the world that she fell in love with while watching Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina--so when a proposal comes along for an arranged marriage with a man who is living in Paris, Tanaya seizes the chance. But once she lands in the city, she shuns the match. A stroke of luck turns Tanaya into a supermodel, and soon the traditional girl is cavorting with rock stars and is disowned by her family.

    In her new whirlwind life, she is reintroduced to the man she was supposed to marry, the man she now realizes she should have never walked away from, the man who is her only connection to the family she longs to reconcile with, if only its not too late.

  • Covering every year in a person's lifetime, from 0 to 100, a hilarious guide to all of the essential stages of life furnishes full-color tips and advice designed to make one's life unforgettable, from birth to midlife crisis, from losing one's virginity to disinheriting one's grandchildren. Original. 75,000 first printing.

  • Exploring French women's passion for looking and feeling good, a British expatriate explains the secrets of French beauty, describing how French women achieve maximum effect with the least amount of effort through their passion for face cream, silk lingerie, and shopping as exercise. Original. 50,000 first printing.

  • The impending marriage of Elm Creek's most renowned quilting instructor prompts the stitching of a perfect commemorative bridal quilt, an endeavor that is challenged by closely guarded secrets among the Elm Creek Quilters, a few of whom consider leaving the manor. Reader's Guide available. Reprint.

  • Anglais Blackberry winter

    Sarah Jio

    Reporter Claire Aldridge is assigned to cover Seattle's rare May snowstorm and its predecessor from 1933, and in her research stumbles upon and investigates an unsolved abduction case that occurred during the decades-old storm.

  • Patently Erotic

    Richard Ross

    The author of Patently Ridiculous presents a hilarious, illustrated compilation of the most unique, unusual, and bizarre patent applications presented to the U.S. Patent Office over the past century, focusing on items designed to titillate and facilitate sexual pleasure, using the invetors' own diagrams to explore everything from sound-playing condoms to lap dance liners. Original.

  • Anglais The Fiction Class

    Susan Breen

    Teaching a fiction writing class on the Upper West Side, Arabella Hicks finds her life in turmoil as she spends time with her argumentative mother in a nursing home on the same day she teaches her class, but as her class takes an unexpected turn and the lessons spill over into her weekly visits, she finds the key to her mother's love and her own inspiration. Original.

  • Anglais The Spare Wife

    Alex Witchel

    A beautiful and wealthy widow, Ponce Morris enjoys her life as the perfect companion to the powerful couples with whom she socializes, until an ambitious young writer reveals her secret affair with a married celebrity fertility doctor.