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  • American dirt

    Jeanine Cummins

    'I couldn't put it down. I'll never stop thinking about it' Ann Patchett 'One hell of a novel about a good woman on the run with her beautiful boy' Stephen King FEAR KEEPS THEM RUNNING. HOPE KEEPS THEM ALIVE. Vivid, visceral, utterly compelling, AMERICAN DIRT is the first novel to explore the experience of attempting to illegally cross the US-Mexico border. Described as 'A Grapes of Wrath for our times' (Don Winslow) it is a story that will leave you utterly changed. Yesterday, Lydia had a bookshop. Yesterday, Lydia was married to a journalist. Yesterday, she was with everyone she loved most in the world. Today, her eight-year-old son Luca is all she has left. For him, she will carry a machete strapped to her leg. For him, she will leap onto the roof of a high speed train. For him, she will find the strength to keep running.

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  • A staggeringly beautiful and unbearably poignant novel. O'Farrell is one of the most surprisingly quiet radicals in fiction

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  • Named a Most Anticipated Book of 2020 by O, the Oprah Magazine , Good Morning America/ABC-TV, Good Housekeeping (US) and Marie Claire (US) An extraordinary story set in the first century about a woman who finds her voice and her destiny, from the celebrated number one New York Times bestselling author of The Secret Life of Bees and The Invention of Wings 'I am Ana. I was the wife of Jesus.' In her mesmerizing fourth work of fiction, Sue Monk Kidd brings her acclaimed narrative gifts to imagine the story of a young woman called Ana. Ana is a rebellious young woman, a gifted writer with a curious, brilliant mind, who writes secret narratives about the neglected and silenced women around her. Raised in a wealthy family in Galilee, she is sheltered from the brutality of Rome's occupation of Israel. Ana is expected to marry an elderly widower to further her father's ambitions, a prospect that horrifies her. A chance encounter with the eighteen-year-old Jesus changes everything: his ideas and his passion are intoxicating. Taking Ana on a journey she could never have imagined, The Book of Longings is a glorious evocation of a time and a place where astounding events unfolded, and of one woman's fate when she fights to make her voice heard. Over 10 million readers have devoured Sue Monk Kidd's novels. Here's why: 'A wonderful book . . . funny, sad and full of incident' Daily Telegraph 'Wonderfully written, poignant and humorous' Joanna Trollope 'Masterly . . . a story about empowering women to change the world . . . a remarkable novel' Chicago Tribune


    Naomi Ishiguro

    'Stories that start like delicate webs and finish like unbreakable wire traps' - Neil Gaiman 'Naomi Ishiguro's crystal clear prose delights and intrigues' - Sharlene Teo Characterised by its own brand of pleasingly unsettling magic, Naomi Ishiguro's ESCAPE ROUTES matches the inventiveness of David Mitchell with the fairy-tale allure of Angela Carter. A space-obsessed child conjures up a vortex in his mother's airing cupboard. A musician finds her friendship with a flock of birds opens up unexpected possibilities. A rat catcher, summoned to a decaying royal palace, is plunged into a battle for the throne of a ruined kingdom. Two newlyweds find themselves inhibited by the arrival in their lives of an outsized and watchful stuffed bear. Whether snared in traps artfully laid for them, or those of their own making, the characters in Naomi Ishiguro's delightfully speculative debut collection yearn for freedom and flight, and find their worlds transformed beyond their wildest imaginings.

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    Deborah Moggach

    A deliciously funny, poignant and wry novel, full of surprising twists and turns from a writer whose clear-sighted observations of how people work - for readers of Anne Tyler, Ann Patchett and Elizabeth Strout "The Moggach miracle continues' The Times James, once an erudite and eminent professor, is getting on a bit and needs full-time help. So Phoebe and Robert, his middle-aged offspring, employ Mandy, who seems willing to take him off their hands. But as time goes on, and James regales his family with tales of Mandy's skills, her shopping trips, and the shared pleasure of their journeys to garden centres and watching birds, Phoebe and Robert sense something is amiss. Is this really their father, the distant figure who never once turned up for a sports day, now happily chortling over cuckoo clocks and television soaps? Then something happens that throws everything into new relief, and Phoebe and Robert discover that life most definitely does not stop for the elderly. It just moves onto a very different plane - changing all the stories they thought they knew so well.

  • 'Original, honest voices and a vivid portrayal of a London rarely seen in literature' Paula Hawkins IN OUR MAD AND FURIOUS CITY is 'a love letter to London's streets' ( Stylist ): an unforgettable portrait of 48 hours in the life of a housing estate, it was one of the most talked-about debuts of 2018 and will be devoured by fans of THIS IS ENGLAND or THE BRICKS THAT BUILT THE HOUSES. For Selvon, Ardan and Yusuf, growing up under the towers of Stones Estate, summer means what it does anywhere: football, music and freedom. But now, after the killing of a British soldier, riots are spreading across the city, and nowhere is safe. While the fury swirls around them, Selvon and Ardan remain focused on their own obsessions, girls and grime. Their friend Yusuf is caught up in a different tide, a wave of radicalism surging through his local mosque, threatening to carry his troubled brother, Irfan, with it. Provocative, raw, poetic yet tender, IN OUR MAD AND FURIOUS CITY marks the arrival of a major new talent in fiction.

  • A life-affirming novel of love, loss and letting go - for readers of ELEANOR OLIPHANT, THE TROUBLE WITH GOATS AND SHEEP and WHEN GOD WAS A RABBIT On her forty-seventh birthday, Sydney Smith stands on a rooftop and prepares to jump... Sydney is a cartoonist and freerunner. Feet constantly twitching, always teetering on the edge of life, she's never come to terms with the event that ripped her family apart when she was ten years old. And so, on a birthday that she doesn't want to celebrate, she returns alone to St Ives to face up to her guilt and grief. It's a trip that turns out to be life-changing - and not only for herself. DO NOT FEED THE BEAR is a book about lives not yet lived, about the kindness of others and about how, when our worlds stop, we find a way to keep on moving.

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  • @2@From the bestselling author of A PLACE CALLED WINTER comes a new novel of boyhood, coming of age, and the confusions of desire and reality. For all readers of Ian McEwan's ATONEMENT or L P Hartley's THE GO-BETWEEN.@3@@2@1970s Western-Super-Mare and ten-year-old oddball Eustace, an only child, has life transformed by his mother's quixotic decision to sign him up for cello lessons. Music-making brings release for a boy who is discovering he is an emotional volcano. He laps up lessons from his young teacher, not noticing how her brand of glamour is casting a damaging spell over his frustrated and controlling mother.@3@@2@When he is enrolled in holiday courses in the Scottish borders, lessons in love, rejection and humility are added to daily practice.@3@@2@Drawing in part on his own boyhood, Patrick Gale's new novel explores a collision between childish hero worship and extremely messy adult love lives.@3@



    Ash Davidson

    '' Ash Davidson reminds us that we are never more profoundly shaped by our environment than when we destroy it. Nearly every page left me in awe'' Anthony Marra, author of A Constellation of Vital Phenomena For generations, Rich Gunderson''s family has chopped a living out of the redwood forest on California''s rugged coast. It''s treacherous work, and though his son Chub hopes for nothing more than to scale the huge trees like his father, Rich longs to give him a safer future. Now timber giant Sanderson Co. looks set make a killing on Damnation Grove, a swath of uncut redwoods on Rich''s doorstep, that could be the answer to his prayers. But it''s a gamble that''s going to take everything he''s got, and not one he''s prepared to share with his wife, Colleen. Colleen, meanwhile, is guarding secrets of her own: the pain of her dwindling hopes that one day there will be a little brother or sister for Chub; the evidence she is gathering that she''s not the only woman to have lost several pregnancies; the arrival in town of an old flame who may just be able to confirm her worst fear: that there''s something poisonously wrong at the heart of the forest, which threatens to tear their whole community apart.



    Deborah Moggach

    Pru is on her own. But then, so are plenty of other people. And while the loneliness can be overwhelming, surely she''ll find a party somewhere? ''Moggach is at the height of her powers'' Sunday Times Pru''s husband has walked out, leaving her alone to contemplate her future. She''s missing not so much him, but the life they once had - picnicking on the beach with small children, laughing together, nestling up like spoons in the cutlery drawer as they sleep. Now there''s just a dip on one side of the bed and no-one to fill it. In a daze, Pru goes off to a friend''s funeral. Usual old hymns, words of praise and a eulogy but...it doesn''t sound like the friend Pru knew. And it isn''t. She''s gone to the wrong service. Everyone was very welcoming, it was - oddly - a laugh, and more excitement than she''s had for ages. So she buys a little black dress in a charity shop and thinks, now I''m all set, why not go to another? I mean, people don''t want to make a scene at a funeral, do they? No-one will challenge her - and what harm can it do? ''Full of warmth and humour, as well as blistering truths'' Daily Mirror

  • A dark, claustrophobic and compulsive novel, f or those who loved THE WATER CURE, THE GIRLS or THE SECRET HISTORY That was the Catherine experiment: give the house three years - three profound, t otal years - then become anything or anyone you want to be. Watch all your dreams come true Catherine House is an American college with a difference. Only the most brilliant minds enter, and its graduates earn prestige, wealth and honour. But over the three years they attend the school, they remain within its black gates; they have no contact with their loved ones; no association with the outside world. Those who break these rules will find themselves facing time in the school's infamous tower. Ines enters Catherine House on the run from an incredibly dark secret, and welcomes the school's isolation. Sharing a room with the sweet, damaged Baby, she slowly begins to build the group of friends she never had outside its walls. One day, however, Baby is summoned to the tower - and never returns. Ines is heartbroken, left to uncover the secrets that Catherine House conceals while slowly becoming more and more seduced herself by its dark, magnetic power. Swirling with atmosphere and the subtle tingling of horror, CATHERINE HOUSE is a novel that will steal your heart and swallow you whole.



    Ayad Akhtar

    The astonishing work of an absolutely brilliant writer. With exquisite prose and lacerating honesty , Ayad Akhtar reveals the intersections of art, finance, race, religion, academia and empire>


    Joining the tradition of great American novels THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD, 12 YEARS A SLAVE and BELOVED, THE SWEETNESS OF WATER evokes the realities of hard-won freedom and conjures a story of humanity against all the odds. In the dying days of the American Civil War, newly freed brothers Landry and Prentiss find themselves cast into the world with barely enough to survive. Forced to hide out in the woods near their former Georgian plantation, they're soon discovered by the land's owner, George Walker, a man still reeling from the loss of his son in the war. After a shaky start, the men reach an agreement to live and work on the land, bringing a brief period of peace to the farm. But this sanctuary survives on a knife's edge, and the inhabitants of the nearest town are furious to hear of the alliance that has formed only a few miles away. Balancing beauty and horror throughout, Nathan Harris conjures a time of violence and danger with an artist's precision, while asking how we retain our humanity in the face of blind hatred.


    Women''s Prize for Fiction 2021 SHORTLISTED ''Jones''s atmospheric debut has a multiracial, multigenerational cast who are brilliantly and even-handedly portrayed'' Sunday Times ''Rare is the first book that reveals the writer fully formed, the muscles and sinews of her sentences firm and taut, the voice distinctly her own'' Washington Post ''A hard-hitting and unflinching novel from a bold new writer'' Bernardine Evaristo ''A bright new star. Cherie Jones draws us with skill, delicacy and glorious style into a vortex of Bajan lives on the edge'' Diana Evans In Baxter''s Beach, Barbados, Lala''s grandmother Wilma tells the story of the one-armed sister, a cautionary tale about what happens to girls who disobey their mothers. For Wilma, it''s the story of a wilful adventurer, who ignores the warnings of those around her, and suffers as a result. When Lala grows up, she sees it offers hope - of life after losing a baby in the most terrible of circumstances and marrying the wrong man. And Mira Whalen? It''s about keeping alive, trying to make sense of the fact that her husband has been murdered, and she didn''t get the chance to tell him that she loved him after all. HOW THE ONE-ARMED SISTER SWEEPS HER HOUSE is the powerful, intense story of three marriages, and of a beautiful island paradise where, beyond the white sand beaches and the wealthy tourists, lies poverty, menacing violence and the story of the sacrifices some women make to survive. ''An extraordinarily hard-hitting and evocative novel that packs a tremendous punch with its repercussions of generational trauma, pin-sharp characterisations and strong sense of place'' Daily Mail