• Conservatism ; The Fight for a Tradition

    Edmund Fawcett

  • Christianity ; A Historical Atlas

    Alec Ryrie

  • The Anatomy of Grief

    Dorothy P. Holinger

  • Statelessness ; A Modern History

    Mira L. Siegelberg

  • A Passion for Ignorance ; What We Choose Not to Know and Why

    Renata Salecl

  • The Coolie's Great War ; Indian Labour in a Global Conflict, 1914-1921

    Radhika Singha

  • Universality and Identity Politics

    Todd McGowan

  • Nathalie Sarraute ; A Life Between

    Ann Jefferson

  • Critique and Praxis

    Bernard E. Harcourt

  • Counterpoint ; A Memoir of Bach and Mourning

    Philip Kennicott

  • Smellosophy ; What the Nose Tells the Mind

    A. S. Barwich

  • I Live in the Slums ; Stories

    Can Xue

  • Anger ; The Conflicted History of an Emotion

    Barbara H. Rosenwein

  • Mapping the Afterlife ; From Homer to Dante

    Emma Gee

  • Rousseau's Reader ; Strategies of Persuasion and Education

    John T. Scott

  • France before 1789 ; The Unraveling of an Absolutist Regime

    Jon Elster

  • Foucault's Strange Eros

    Lynne Huffer