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Prague Fatale

  • Quercus Publishing
  • 27 Octobre 2011
  • Policier / Suspense / Espionnage En Langue Anglaise
  • 439 pages, 23.3 X 15.4 cm, 588 grammes 
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Le mot du libraire

Prague Fatale is Bernie Gunther's eighth outing. Set in Prague in 1942, it delivers all the fast-paced and quick-witted action that we have come to expect from Philip Kerr. It is an outstanding thriller by a writer at the top of his game.

Philip Kerr's sequence of historical thrillers featuring private detective Bernie Gunther forms a body of work comparable to the great series of the two masters of the genre, Len Deighton and John le Carré. The Berlin Noir Trilogy quickly established Kerr and Gunther as the perfect combination of writer, character, setting and genre. These gritty, noir thrillers, narrated in Gunther's wry, sardonic voice, range all over Europe and beyond. They span a 20-year period from the mid-30s to the mid-50s, covering the build up to World War 2, the war itself and finally its bitter aftermath. With impeccable research that is accurate in every detail yet never interferes with narrative pace, Philip Kerr has created an epic series of thrillers that deserve all the praise that has been heaped upon them.

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